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AP Calculus Tutor

Is your child taking one of the AP Calculus examinations this year?

Yes, there are two different variations of the AP Calculus exam. The AP Calculus AB exam deals primarily with a mathematical process called differentiation, while the more advanced AP Calculus BC exam covers both integration and differentiation, among other things. Differentiation is the process of finding the slope of a curve at any point, while integration, its counterpart, is the process of finding the area under the curve from one point to another. Sound simple? Well, it is easier said (and conceptualized) than done. There is a reason calculus has such a nasty reputation, and the AP Calculus examinations are two of the toughest tests around.
If your student is taking AP Calculus at all, they’re already at the top of the heap academically. But to be the crème de la crème, they need to prepare well for the very difficult AP Calculus exam. Only half of those that attempt the exam score at least the 3 (out of 5) that can allow them to qualify for calculus credit at the university level, as well as the advanced placement in calculus courses that comes with it. But, these are rich rewards for those that can do it.

Your student scoring well enough on the AP Calculus AB exam to receive college credit means that, for the relatively low cost of the exam and a tutor to prepare for it, your child receives five credits that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. This is hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings for you! And scoring well on both the AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC examinations can mean earning 10 college credits. This is twice the savings! With the exorbitant price of college education ever rising, ensuring your student obtains a good score on these exams can be a very smart way to cut costs for you.

Additionally, a good score on the AP Calculus exams means that your student gets to skip the first quarters or semesters of college calculus and move straight on to what THEY want to study! College calculus can be a pre-requisite not only for higher-level math courses, but also for chemistry and physics classes. These chemistry or physics classes can in turn be pre-requisites for biology or engineering courses. A good score on the AP Calculus exam means that your student will be able to jump right into all of these courses right as they enter college, instead of having to get through the college calculus series first. The jump-start your student will receive with a good score in AP Calculus means that they will be able stay ahead of the game and move towards their goals more quickly!

Although the AP Calculus exams are very difficult, high stakes examination, Adam Wes Academics tutors can help! Our highly qualified tutors are at the top of their fields, academically and educationally, and are there to tutor your student alone. This means that our tutors can personalize their lessons to suit your student’s unique learning style, and that 100% of the attention of our amazing mathematicians and teachers is laser-focused on how to help your child perform to the best of their ability. This kind of attention makes for quick progress and high scores, as well as more fun for your child while they learn this difficult topic!

Don’t wait! Help your student get college credit and save you money! Contact Adam Wes Academics about our incredibly effective AP Calculus tutors today!

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