July 2016
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How we work

Adam Wes Academics is focused not only on providing the highest quality of teaching, but also the most seamless overall experience. Our process is very simple and streamlined the whole way through!

Do you require packages?…No Upfront Fees or Packages, Pay As You Go!

Packages are the industry standard, but we think they are unfair to the student. That is why, we don’t make you buy anything upfront. Most companies will make you buy as many as 25 hours upfront before you even meet your tutor. Not Us! Instead, we bill you ONLY for the hours that YOU want. Just schedule sessions with your tutor and we will automatically charge the credit card on file for the hours completed semi-monthly.

Do you guarantee your tutors?…Yes, no risk, we guarantee every first hour!

We are so confident that you will love the tutor that we send over that we guarantee the first hour, that first hour is on us, AND we will send you someone else that is more to your liking.

What is the login on your website for?…There’s a lot that you get when you log in!

At Adam Wes Academics we take technology seriously. Every student and tutor has profile in which all info can be updated. Forget your tutor’s phone number? Just login. Want to leave a testimonial? Just login. Need to check what time your session was two months ago? Just login. We are committed to the most convenient user experience possible, and have given it our all when it comes to our website. We hope you love it!

How long does it take to get a tutor here and working?…We are fast!

We can have a tutor at your door step in no time! Once your Director of Academic Services has found the right tutor for you, sign up on our website and we assign that tutor to your profile. Once this happens, you can be expecting a call within 24 hours. Scheduling is done directly with the tutor and because our tutors have great availabilities, getting your first session in shouldn’t take more than two days.

Can I get a tutor that is available when I need them?…Absolutely!

We know how busy a student’s schedule can get, and therefore we only hire tutors with great availabilities who can meet on a regular basis at the most popular tutoring times.

How does billing work?…It’s a breeze!

Every student gets their own login and profile on our beautiful, high-tech website. Through this login, all billing and invoices are available when you need them. Updating your credit card on file is easy.  If you need specialized attention, our billing department is open five days a week to answer any of your questions.

How does the tutoring session work?…Simple!

The tutoring session normally takes place at the student’s home. If you would like to meet at a coffee shop or a library please let your tutor know. The dining area in your home is a great place to work with your tutor and sessions typically last about two hours (there are minimums based on age). The student should be prepared with homework, study guides and text books provided by their classroom teacher. Unless otherwise requested, your tutor will work along with the student’s current curriculum. During the session, the tutor will continually evaluate the student’s comprehension of the material and work to fill in gaps where needed. If the student is a minor, it is appropriate for a parent or guardian to be present in the home during the tutoring session. At the end of the session, the tutor may update the parent on the student’s progress and you should make arrangements for your next session. We encourage you to schedule regular weekly or sessions with your tutor to best facilitate the learning process.

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