July 2016
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Our Students

Adam Wes Academics works with students of all ages, grade levels, professional levels, learning styles and abilities. We specialize in the subjects of math and science and service all needs under those subjects.

From the struggling high school student who needs a grade boost to the professional CEO that would like to enrich his skills; from the unchallenged whiz kid looking for more to the college student that just needs a passing grade in a required class; our students have a variety of needs and we are prepared to assist everyone in achieving their personal goals.

Some students have improved as many as four grade levels in just three months with one of our Adam Wes Academics tutors. One student mastered three years of high school math in only five months and went on to place into college pre-calculus where he continued to maintain A’s. Many students achieve an A on their next exam following their first few tutoring sessions. Most students come to us with a minimum goal and nearly all achieve beyond their own personal expectations.

At Adam Wes Academics, we believe that math and science are best taught one-on-one. Many of our students struggle with these subjects when foundational concepts are not fully understood and then fall further behind in their courses. With a private tutor from Adam Wes Academics, students are continually assessed and are able to catch up and master the subject in minimal time. Many students comment that one session with their tutor is more helpful than a whole week in the classroom.

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