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Our Tutors

How we find our expert tutors

Adam Wes Academics understands that the key to providing the greatest educational experience is finding the best and brightest tutors. For this reason, the process of talent acquisition has always been a priority of Adam Wes and his team. By employing a high-tech streamlined approach through the company website, Adam Wes Academics is able to personally screen thousands of applicants for the few that are especially impressive based on factors of academic achievement, passion for teaching, personality and experience.

Academic Achievement

Every tutor is required to take a comprehensive two hour test designed by Adam and other math and science experts from around the country. Most of the tutors that are accepted are PhDs, professors or Masters Students from prestigious institutions such as Caltech, MIT, and Harvard.

Passion for Teaching

We only hire tutors that are dying to work with us, because they love teaching! At Adam Wes Academics, we know that being a brilliant scientist or mathematician doesn’t make you a good tutor: anyone that has been to a college lecture knows this. That is why, every tutor applicant is put under a microscope to find their true motivation for tutoring, and if it is not because they love sharing the great deal of knowledge that they have acquired, and because they love to helping others succeed, we don’t take them. Adam Wes Academics tutors love to teach and help students find joy and ease in leaning the subjects of math and science.


Adam Wes Academics tutors are thoroughly screened for the well-rounded personalities and people skills required to connect with students who may not be as passionate about their subject of study. The student-tutor connection is essential to getting the most out of every session. With an excellent rapport, Adam Wes Academics tutors create the learning dynamic that students need to excel. Many times, a student’s lack of motivation can be at the root of low performance. We understand this, and weigh a tutor’s genius and teaching acumen equally with their cool factor and personality.


Adam Wes Academics tutors are experienced professors, college TAs, high school teachers and tutors. We understand that tutoring is a skill that takes many years to develop and that is why we make sure that every one of our teaching partners has a great deal of real-life experience working with students.

Tutoring: The Adam Wes Academics Definition

Tutoring is one-on-one instruction that is catered to the individual student. Tutors must be masters at dynamically forming to the student’s unique comprehension paradigm. Every student is at a different place in their level and method of understanding math and science. Tutors are therefore required to employ creative methods to make complicated concepts clear. In addition, students learn in all different ways, requiring the tutor to also cater to a student’s specific learning style by uncovering thought patterns that the student may be stuck in. This is very different to teaching in the lecture sense, as that endeavor is a one-way presentation focused on achieving the maximum amount of communicated material in the shortest amount of time. This teaching style is much more suitable for disciplines such as history and political science. Here at Adam Wes Academics, we understand that truly skilled tutors are hard to come by and that real tutoring is not just helping student complete their homework, it is helping them see math in a whole new light.Our tutors range from undergraduates, to school teachers, to professionals with a PhDs in their fields of expertise. All tutors are highly qualified, having passed rigorous tests and training in correspondence with the Adam Wes Method. They are teachers as well as role models to our students. In addition, we make it a priority that every tutor possesses exceptional social skills needed to interact with the student.

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