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PSAT Math Tutor

Is your child in the 10th grade? That means that the PSAT right around the corner!

The PSAT stands for the pre-SAT. Why bother studying for a practice test? The first really big reason (of the many) is that the PSAT acts as the qualifying examination for the highly esteemed National Merit Scholarship. This scholarship can not only help you pay for college by absorbing some of its exorbitant cost, but can also make your student a much more desirable candidate for the most prestigious universities in the nation.

The second really big reason is that many people have not heard of the PSAT, put on by the same group that brings us its better-known and better-feared cousin, the SAT, obviously does not diminish its importance. However, this lack of general foresight can act as an advantage for you and your student. Fewer people knowing about the PSAT means fewer people studying for the PSAT. This means that fewer students are well-prepared for the PSAT. And this means that there can be an even greater advantage to preparing for the PSAT than for the SAT. Less well-prepared competition can make a well-prepared student even more competitive.

The trick is to make your student one of the well-prepared, to help them rise to the top and nab that National Merit Scholarship. Standardized tests are often difficult for even the most gifted students. Many talented students struggle with tests like the PSAT, with their stressful combination of tough subjects and tougher time constraints.

The third really big reason (and the great thing about standardized tests!) is that standardized tests are predictable, when you know how to predict them. Your student will be one of the few that knows how to predict the PSAT if they have the help of our excellent Adam Wes Academics PSAT tutors! Our highly qualified, highly educated tutors know how the PSAT works. They’ve taken it, they’ve excelled at it, they’ve mastered its subjects. That means that they can teach your student the tricks of the trade. They can tell them what to look for to solve a tricky question quickly. They can teach them to trick the test with proven test-taking strategies, as well as by getting them used to the format of the exam. And, as a bonus, studying for and taking the PSAT is great prep for the SAT so you get twice as much for your money!

Our well-rounded tutors have the rigorous academic training to teach your student the ins and outs of all three sections of the PSAT: verbal, math, and writing. And they have the rigorous educational training and great interpersonal skills to keep your child interested in learning how to take this difficult test (which, as a parent, you know is no small feat!). In fact, your child will even have fun. Let us help your child deliver the results!
Don’t wait to give your child the knowledge and the confidence to do their best on the PSAT! It only takes a moment to contact a highly qualified, incredibly helpful PSAT tutor near you through Adam Wes Academics!

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