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At Adam Wes Academics, our success is in the success of our students.  We continue to be proud of their accomplishments.  We hope to add you to our list of testimonials soon!

“My Adam Wes Academics tutor was a truly excellent tutor.  His eager and charismatic personality always kept me engaged even if the material was boring or difficult.  He made sure I knew how to do a problem in multiple ways, including how to check my work on a calculator which proved to be incredibly useful.  During the final 6 weeks of school, my grade raised from a C+ to an A- in calculus which would have never been possible without his help.  He is easily the best tutor I have ever had, and because of him I actually started enjoying math class.”

Mackenzie, senior calculus student at Marymount High School

“Wow! A whole letter grade, my son improved a whole letter grade within 3 months no doubt as a result of Adam Wes Academics’ magic.  My son was struggling and had fallen so far behind in class that understandably he had given up completely and had lost any desire to try.  That is until we fortuitously came across Adam Wes Academics’ advertisement of tutoring assistance.  With intensive and very productive sessions with his tutor, my son now has a solid command of the subject area of geometry but more importantly has built up his self-confidence.  It has gotten to the point that even though my son understands the subject matter he still prefers to meet up with his tutor on a regular basis.  The tutor’s way of connecting with my son, identifying his weaknesses and working around them were truly instrumental in the successes that we continue to see. Who would have thought I would see the day that my son actually tells me he is looking forward to school and that spring break was too long.  Go figure.”

Darren T., father of a sophomore geometry student

“We are so lucky to have found Adam Wes Academics.  With our tutor’s committed, creative and engaging personality, Mitchell’s grades raised from a D to a B+ in physics and from a C to an A in pre-calculus in just six weeks.  He was truly a great tutor for my son.”

Linda S., mother of a senior at Milken Community High School

“I cannot emphasize enough how exceptional Adam Wes Academics is.  I am in my junior year of college and have dreaded math my entire educational career.  I have been working with my Adam Wes Academics tutor for four months in preparation to take the math course required for college graduation.  When I began working with him I literally was relearning fractions and basic algebra. I was planning to test into college algebra, the lowest level course to fulfill the requirement I need for my degree, but after my wonderful experience with my tutor I will be testing into calculus!  He has a remarkable style that makes even the most difficult of problems simple and fun to understand.  His enthusiasm and natural gift for teaching has turned me from an easily frustrated, math-loathing student into one who truly enjoys and looks forward to progressing in mathematics. Trust me, you will be doing yourself a huge favor by choosing to work with Adam Wes Academics. Your brain and patience will thank you.”

Preston, student preparing for college placement exam

“My Adam Wes Academics tutor was a phenomenal tutor.  He is one of the few people who has the natural gift of teaching.  He is intelligent, clear and engaging.  He not only inspired me to learn, but he made each session enjoyable and exciting.  If asked, I would strongly suggest that he pursue a career in education.  But what is most impressive is that he took me from a person who had not opened a math book in almost eight years to someone who was so successful on the placement exam that I have placed into the highest math level offered.  I have not only reached my goals, I have surpassed them.  And this is all thanks to Adam Wes Academics.”

Rebecca, pre-med college algebra student

“I can’t even begin to describe how amazing Adam Wes Academics is.  My tutor was such a blessing in my life.  I had taken college algebra twice in school and was never able to make a passing grade.  On my third try, I decided to get a tutor.  I went through three private tutors before finding Adam Wes Academics. I wasted hundreds of dollars on tutors who didn’t have a clue what they were doing!  Feeling hopeless, I decided to give it one last try.  It was then that I found Adam Wes Academics.  In the end, my tutor was able to take me from an F to a C+ in just two weeks.  His ability to explain, what seemed to me like a foreign language, was incredible!  He was able to recognize both my weaknesses and my strengths.  He never allowed me to feel stupid; instead he encouraged me throughout the entire process.  His easy-going personality made the whole process seem like I was meeting with an old friend, not a tutor.  Words can’t explain the gratitude I feel for him.  Adam Wes Academics is amazing!”

Brie, algebra student preparing for college placement exam

“My Adam Wes Academics tutor was an excellent tutor!  By continually analyzing my understanding, he developed a method to best teach me.  Every session he inspired me to learn more and kept me excited about the whole process.  He also has an unending supply of math tricks; they are so helpful.  I don’t know what I would do without him.

Adrianna, professional studying trigonometry for career enrichment

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