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The Adam Wes Method

The Adam Wes Method is a holistic approach to learning developed by the most sought-after math and science tutor, Adam Wes. This style of teaching relies on a variety of techniques used by the tutor to fix gaps in and enhance the student’s understanding of the material as well as systems for the student to use when applying that knowledge.

“So many of my students were making careless mistakes on tests and scoring lower than what we knew they should have accomplished,” said Wes. “I came up with a fast and easy method for them to check their work and immediately saw an improvement in test scores for all of my students. I have a lot of these helpful techniques that make a big difference. One student started referring to them as ‘Scooby Snacks.’”

Wes found that many of his students had decided at a point in their academic career they just weren’t good at math or science subjects. This mentality caused them to become discouraged and fall increasingly behind in their classes. “We are all able to learn math and science,” said Wes. “But these subjects are best taught and understood one-on-one. I’m able to spend that personal time with a student and give them the tools they need to really understand the material and apply it successfully.”

In that one-on-one setting, tutors guided by The Adam Wes Method address all factors impeding the success of the student. The personal tutor can go back and fill in concepts the student never learned while the student continues to learn current course material. He or she can identify and find solutions to specific learning needs of the student. The tutor can motivate the student and be an example of how finding success in that subject can lead to success outside the classroom.

While classroom teachers are limited to the interests of the class as a whole, a personal tutor is solely invested in the individual success of the one student. He or she is given personal context and instant feedback making the learning experience quicker and more effective. The Adam Wes Method takes that concept a step further by showing tutors how to maximize their interactions with the student and learn to anticipate, locate and fix a variety of student weaknesses

“It’s important to develop a trust and respect relationship with each student,” said Wes. “For one student, I was better able to help him after he trusted me enough to tell me how discouraging his peers were. He needed to be taught with an encouraging voice pushing him forward. Once I really emphasized to him how much I cared and knew he had the potential to learn, he started to believe in himself and it reflected in his grades.”

Wes’ vast experience is passed on to all of his tutors through The Adam Wes Method. He carefully teaches them how to be more than just a teacher of academic material, but a tutor who assists in the success of the whole student. While the tutor works with the student to resolve issues, they focus on the student’s strengths and potential. The results have been tremendous.

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