July 2016
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Letter from CEO Adam Wes

Dear Students, Parents and Teachers,

I have been involved in math and science since as long as I can remember. My brother, who is eleven years older than me and is now an industry leader in the biotechnology industry, always acted as my tutor and mentor for these wonderful subjects. In a society where one-on-one individualized instruction and mentorship is not available to the masses, this provided me with the critical edge I needed to succeed. The thing is, math and science are best taught in the one-on-one environment, where tutors can strategically teach while also acting as mentors.

Expert Tutors

It’s not surprising to me that many students have trouble excelling in the subjects of math and science. In the classroom, students spend much of their time waiting for an opportunity to ask the teacher a critical question that is impeding their comprehension of the entire lesson! Anyone can learn math: it is a matter of how many hours of effective, quality, one-on-one instruction a student has received that determines their level of comprehension. Students are busy and there is only so much time in the day, therefore, it is critical that every minute is spent with a great deal of efficiency. One of the ways that Adam Wes Academics tutors provide this level of efficiency is by strategically catering to a student’s individual comprehension of the material that they are studying. Students of math and science are generally behind in a number of key concepts and this sabotages their ability to comprehend the current material they are being taught. One-on-one tutoring is the best way to eliminate these gaps in understanding quickly. Once this is done, students learn at a faster rate experiencing a learning paradigm shift! Our goal is to make learning fast and simple.

Math & Science Tutors

In my experience, I have found that 95% of the time students who think they are not good at math and science actually are nothing less than inexperienced. Just about anyone can be good at math and science! Trust me, it’s true! I personally have seen it happen on a number of occasions with the most unlikely of students. The big difference between students who succeed and students who don’t is the amount and quality of teaching that they have had over the years. Success in math has much less to do with mathematical and scientific aptitude than many think. Good students get that way because they have been taught well over the years. The best way to succeed in math and science is through quality one-on-one instruction that can act as a launch pad for effective and regular self-study. Some Calculus tutoring resources include Karl’s page on tutoring. Tutoring can be especially helpful when students are enrolled in online colleges or other distance education programs without the traditional teacher to student interaction.

At Adam Wes Academics, we believe that we can help anyone succeed! Every tutor is as involved and committed to the extent that I am. We are a team that is passionate about teaching math and science! It is my honor to be a part of this important cause and I look forward to helping everyone experience just how easy learning in math and science can be. I also enjoyed this article from About.

With best wishes for optimal achievement,

Adam Wes
Founder, CEO, Lead Instructor
Adam Wes Academics

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